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  • How to flush the refrigerator filter

    December 07 2021

    Now, more and more refrigerators are equipped with ice machines and water dispensers, so its maintenance is even more important. To ensure clean and safe water flows out of the refrigerator, you need to maintain an up-to-date water filter. An important aspect of preparing a water filter is to rinse it. This basically means that before you use it, let water flow through it to remove all kinks and loose carbon particles.1. Reasons for flushing the refrigerator filterMost refrigerator filters conta.....
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  • How does activated carbon work

    December 01 2021

    We may not be very familiar with activated carbon, but it is already an indispensable thing in life, so what is activated carbon?Activated carbon is a kind of carbon that has been processed to make it extremely porous, resulting in a large amount of surface area. Essentially, this process allows for excellent adsorption. Adsorption is the adhesion of gases, liquids or dissolved solids to a surface. This is different from absorption, which is where fluid penetrates or is dissolved by liquids or s.....
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  • The reason why more and more people use filtered water

    November 25 2021

    In modern times, water filters have become a healthy choice for many people. Because of their existence, they can ensure that you drink the cleanest and safest water. Refrigerator water filters are easy to use and easy to use, and only need to replace the wf3cb water filter twice a year. So, what are the reasons why you should switch from bottled water or no water filter to using refrigerator filtered water.1. The only way to improve the water your family drinks is to use a filtration system. Re.....
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  • What kind of water filter is suitable for medium-sized families

    November 16 2021

    Every family needs different water, and a large part of it is consumed by cooking. We all understand that water needs to be clean and free of impurities to maximize its benefits, but removing these problematic substances can also protect people from potential short- and long-term health risks. Over the years, people have generally changed the way they use water at home. For generations, tap water was considered a good choice, but over time, infrastructure began to collapse and impurities began t.....
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  • What to pay attention to when buying a refrigerator water filter

    November 11 2021

    Many experts suggest that you should drink 8 glasses of water a day to ensure good health, so you must pay attention to the quality of your water, so how to get clean water? If you choose to install a 4396710 water filter from a trusted brand, what should you pay attention to?When you are ready to choose a water filter, the most important step is to find a filter compatible with your refrigerator model. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a universal water filter, so you need to know which .....
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  • Items in the home that require regular filter replacement

    November 02 2021

    The health of your family is an eternal theme, so for the safety of your family, you need to reduce the impact of pollution. Thousands of people die prematurely every year. Due to the impact of pollution, sufficient attention is needed.It is good for your health to make sure that you change the puresource 3 water filter of your main electrical appliances. But how often should you replace the filter?If you are not sure, please don't worry. There are items with filters in the house, you shoul.....
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