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Ways to keep your refrigerator clean

February 21 2022

The health of the refrigerator directly affects our quality of life, so we must keep the water pure and high quality. We all know that the water quality of the refrigerator cannot be separated from the water filter, and for this, there is nothing more useful than the proper maintenance of your water filter.

A wf710 water filter can remove impurities and possible bacteria from the water. In recent years you, due to the impact of covid-19, we have to pay more attention to hygiene and keep the refrigerator clean.

One of the main items to keep your refrigerator hygienic is to change the filter regularly. By making changes at the right time and following your product manual, you'll always have fresh, clean water. To know the correct time to replace the purifier filter, you can view information such as the amount of water coming out and the time since the last change.

In general, replacement recommendations also take into account the number of months and liters per filter element, so you can significantly increase or decrease filter life depending on how your purifier is being used. With less consistent use, filters tend to last longer and vice versa. We've separated some more tips for maintaining filters here.

After all, it is worth mentioning that puresource 3 water filter are easy to maintain and install, and in most cases consumers can replace the filters themselves. Our purifiers also have a removable tray for easy product cleaning.

puresource 3 water filter

Proper disinfection of a water filter also includes cleaning of its exterior. In addition to following the specifications in the product manual, it is also important to know the type of compound used to clean the surface. Using a damp cloth, you can apply 70ยบ alcohol on metal surfaces and mild soap on other surfaces. Avoid abrasive products and materials such as solvents, steel brushes or acids of any kind. Be aware that such compounds or materials can damage your purifier and affect the appearance of the product.

Water filters for external cleaning should be cleaned regularly. Improve clogged or difficult water flow, or clean every time you feel abnormal. Our priority is to keep your health and hydration safe by always providing fresh, drinkable water.

Therefore, we not only need the water filter, but also need to replace the water filter regularly. In addition, we also need to clean the refrigerator water filter at the right time, so as to ensure that the refrigerator water filter can play its maximum role. Protect the health of the whole family.